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A Street for all Seasons!

in Rochester, NY comes alive with fragrant flowers on this fun-to-stroll, tree-lined
street with distinctive architecture, "pocket" parks, and diverse businesses, tucked
into a residential neighborhood.
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on the avenue is a lively "people-place" as cafe tables spill onto the sidewalks
beckoning neighbors and visitors to soak up the sun or talk into the night.
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with its fresh air and bright foliage, encourages brisk walks of exploration.
Discover gift shops, boutiques, specialty shops, cafes and so much more... holiday
fun-times are just around the corner.
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brings delightful shopping excursions, festive trimmings, cozy dinners, or delicious
cups of something hot shared with friends.Thank You for your patronage and
support throughout the year. The Best to You and Yours for a Safe And Happy
Holiday Season! Thank you for Coming. Drive Safely.
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Greyhounds Walk: Sunday September 21st at 1:00pm
Once again ex-racing greyhounds will parade down Park Avenue in an effort to raise interest in adopting these graceful gentle dogs. The walk will be held on Sunday September 21st, and will begin at 1:00 p.m. at The Rochester Group 600 Park Ave. the dogs will head east on Park to Brunswick, then west to Oxford. The walk concludes at Park Ave Green with Ice Cream available at $1.00 per cup with proceeds going to the adoption group! This walk is for Greyhounds and their owners ONLY, but all are welcomed to come out and watch as these elegant dogs make their way down the avenue.

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37th Annual

Sat. & Sun. August 2nd & 3rd
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20th Annual


Thursday, Dec. 5th, 2013
5pm – 9pm Learn more


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Park Avenue | Rochester, NY 14607

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